We accept paypal for international orders.



order by E-mail


You can order by email. Please let us know your information below:




(4)COLOR (Optional extra)

(5)SIZE (Optional extra)

(6)Your delivery information:

- name

- address

- country

Then, we will send you back an email.


Notes and terms


  - We'll wait for a week to get your response and payment if this does not happen you'll receive a reminder stating that we have to cancel your order.

- Just in case you want to cancel your order you have to inform us within 48 hours otherwise the order will be cancelled at your own expense.


We will contact you regarding the total amount due via PAYPAL, including shipping cost after we receive your order inquiry..

We will ship your order by Ordinary Mail as soon as your payment has been made.

*No exchange or return for international orders.

*Please allow us for late response in case of holiday or business trip.

*It usually takes about one-three week for us after payment if the item need back-prder.

*run your mailer